WRE News

  • The Treasure Island Water System (TIWS) has recently changed ownership, having been transferred from the US Navy to the Treasure Island Development Authority. The facility will ultimately be conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco. The City retained WRE to develop a reliable inventory of existing service connections and to document potential cross-connection hazards (such as irrigation systems, shipyards, commercial and industrial facilities). The inventory is critical for the protection of public health and the integrity of the drinking water system, and it will also help the assessment of operational and emergency response needs of the TIWS, as well planning and operations during island construction/renovation.

  • WRE has been funded through September 2017 by the US Bureau of Reclamation to provide data and analytic support for Structured Decision Making (SDM) within the Fish Resource Area of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA). WRE will provide and refine tools that connect underlying data to more robust analyses that support continuous improvement of SDM within, between, and outside of the stakeholder agencies.

  • WRE assisted San Francisco’s Urban Watershed Management Program in updating the San Francisco Stormwater Design Guidelines (Guidelines), initially adopted in 2010. The Guidelines are the implementing arm of the Stormwater Management Ordinance (SMO), which requires all projects above specified thresholds to manage part of their stormwater on site. WRE assisted City staff in integrating new policies, procedures, and technical tools into an updated version of the Guidelines, as well as revising materials to reflect post-construction requirements.

  • WRE recently completed the Madera Canal Capacity Restoration Feasibility Study for the US Bureau of Reclamation’s San Joaquin River Restoration Program. The objective of the study was to identify, analyze, and design canal and/or water delivery system improvements to increase the volume and reliability of water deliveries to long-term water contractors served by the canal. After the WRE team analyzed over a dozen alternatives, Reclamation selected three projects for implementation that improve water supply reliability and operational flexibility and also address groundwater depletion in California’s Central Valley.

Water Resources Engineering, Inc. (WRE) provides specialized engineering services to clients in the private and public sectors. Our engineers and scientists assist clients with the planning, analysis, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of water systems and structures. We provide these services to a range of clients, from federal government agencies to municipalities, utilities, and other engineering firms.

Since its inception in 1989, WRE has worked closely with clients to satisfy not only their technical requirements but their economic and policy concerns as well. Our philosophy is to apply the skills of highly experienced professionals to assess our clients' total needs and work with them to achieve a successful resolution to their concerns.